MADE Bike Show Becomes the Largest Handmade Event In North America

Inaugural Year Celebrates Cycling Community and Handcrafted Excellence

Portland, Oregon — August 28, 2023

The inaugural MADE Bicycle Show, a celebration of handmade bicycle craftsmanship and community engagement, unfolded with resounding success in Portland, Oregon, this past August 24th through 27th. As the gates closed, MADE was recognized as the largest-ever handmade bicycle event in the United States. Drawing people from across the globe, MADE profiled over 200 builders, brands and designers who came together to showcase their creations.

The support for the event was powerful, with over 5,000 attendees coming through the doors to see the one-of-a-kind builds and join in the excitement surrounding MADE and the bike community on the whole. Journalists and content creators from over 50 media outlets also descended on MADE to amplify the spirit of the event and help broadcast the works well beyond the walls of Zidell Yards.

MADE’s doors opened with a full day dedicated to media and industry professionals followed by three days for the public. Zidell Yards proved to be an ideal location as an industrial legacy providing ample show space for more than 400 craft bicycles on display and plenty of room for the thousands of weekend attendees.

The inaugural MADE Bicycle Show proved to be a testament to the dedication, innovation and shared passion that propels the cycling industry forward. By providing a platform for artisans, designers, and enthusiasts to convene, MADE succeeded and will continue to emphasize the integral role that collaborative engagement plays in the evolution of this vibrant community. 

MADE's legacy as a hub of creativity and camaraderie is destined to reverberate through the industry.

The Bikes of MADE

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About MADE Bike

MADE is a show for the modern handmade industry - spotlighting framebuilders, domestic production and artisan craftsmanship. With an emphasis on community and inclusivity, MADE was built to provide the framebuilding community with an outlet for exposure and expression that elevates the craft.